Clinical Supervisor 

During your placement you will be allocated a Clinical Supervisor, this will be one of the 8 PCC consultants. Please make contact with them and arrange the first face to face meeting within two weeks of starting your placement.

All supervision meetings should be completed on your NHS Portfolio AICM account.

Work based assessments

aicm Curriculum - Domain 9

General Principles

These competencies are those expected of a practitioner of adult intensive care medicine, not a paediatric intensivist or neonatologist.  Adult intensivists may be called upon to provide immediate care for the acutely ill child while awaiting transfer to a paediatric centre.

Features of competent performance may include:


  • Recognition of presenting signs and symptoms

  • Identification and rapid response to life-threatening complications

  • Awareness of patho-physiological differences between adult and child

  • Prioritise investigations and monitoring – appropriate; timely

  • Appropriate differential diagnosis

  • Clear decision making and immediate management strategies (including application of relevant protocols / guidelines)

  • Effective multidisciplinary team-working and leadership - clear communication and instructions

  • Timely and appropriate referral / consultation

  • Recognition of limitations (self and others) – maintain patient safety


top 30 case

Case 18,19 and 20 should be completed during PCC placement

Other stage 2 cases can (and we encourage you to try) be completed during your PCC placement, competencies for ICM are transferable between adult and paediatric practice.

for example:

Case 3 ARDS

Case 4 Acute severe haemorrhage

Case 7 Post cardiac arrest care

Case 13 Acute Meningitis

Case 14 Traumatic Brain Injury

Case 16 Acute onset peripheral weakness - Guillen barre or Acute Disseminated EncephaloMeningitis (ADEM)

Case 28 Diabetic ketoacidosis

Case 30 Neutropenic sepsis