ECHO Training

Oxford has the longest consistent training record for formal echo training in the UK.

Established in 2009, the Oxford Critical Care Echo Fellowship run by Dr Claire Colebourn, Dr Graham Barker, Dr Dave Garry, Dr James Day and Dr Toby Thomas attracts trainees and consultants from the UK, Ireland and beyond who wish to be schooled in the subspecialty of critical care echo to clinical leadership level.

To date the fellowship has trained 12 alumni to reach Level II accreditation standard with the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) using a cross departmental training association with cardiology and offering appointees eight hours of one on one teaching weekly.

The fellowship can be undertaken as an OOPE or post CCT and positions are appointed on a biannual rolling basis (see fellowships tab).

All our trainers have close links with the BSE through formal roles or as examiners:

 Claire Colebourn: national accreditation Chair

Graham barker: sub-committee chair for critical care echo

Dave Garry: sub-committee chair for Level I echo

James Day: critical care committee member and examiner.

Our fellowship training is embedded within our in-house critical care service, which makes Oxford a unique place to train in the real-world practice of critical care echocardiography.

We also offer Point of care Ultrasound 12 month fellowships which provide the trainee with a complete range of ultrasound skills in echo: to FICE level, lung ultrasound to CUSIC standard, advanced vascular access and diagnostic skills and abdominal ultrasound, providing the trainee with exemplary front door ultrasound skills.  This programme is run by Dr Graham Barker and is completed over twelve months comprising four modules.  Fellows work closely with Intensive Care Consultants one day a week to develop the skills and techniques for diagnostic and procedural ultrasound imaging in collaboration with the pleural imaging unit run by Professor Najib Rahman and the General Radiology department for abdominal imaging.

Through our ultrasound training programmes we are able to offer FICE level echo training to all senior trainees rotating through our department.  Training can also be continued as they rotate to other centres within the Deanery through our intra-deanery trainer network.

For full details of the echo and ultrasound fellowships that we offer and how to apply please contact the following people:

Level II Echo Fellowship:

Point of Care Ultras Fellowship:

Level I echo training enquiries: Dave Garry


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