JR Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU) and Churchill (CICU)

The trainees handbook can be accessed here. It has all you need to know about starting your rotation in either Adult ICU or Churchill ICU and is worth a read well before you start your rotation.

The AICU and CICU’s webste: https://www.ouh.nhs.uk/oxfordcriticalcare/default.aspx

Oxford Critical Care is a tertiary referral centre for critical care, regional vascular and major trauma, and supports one of the largest transplant departments in Europe. Oxford Critical Care, part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, comprises the Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU) at the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Churchill Intensive Care Unit (CICU) at the Churchill Hospital. ICU staff provide services outside of the ICU, such as emergency response (e.g. rapid response teams) and critical care outreach services.

There are 16 beds on AICU and eight on CICU, staffed by 16 consultants.

Oxford CC currently offers a range of fellowships open to trainees at different stages of training from core trainees to post-CCT. Those currently on offer include ECHO, POCUS, research, simulation and education, management and leadership, and advanced airway. For more information, including job descriptions and contact details, see the website above.