Paediatric Intensive Care unit

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The SORT drug calculator is available here: SORT CALCULATOR

The paediatric ICU; located on the main John Radcliffe Hospital site in close proximity to the emergency department and provides critical care to the very sickest children from birth to sixteen years of age from around the region and beyond.

The unit is composed of an 18 bed ICU/HDU and accepts both post operative elective cases and emergency cases retrieved from within the region and from other areas around the UK.

The Oxford P-ICU is a regional centre for paediatric scoliosis surgery and one of only four supra-regional centres for paediatric cranio-facial surgery in the UK. The unit provides care for both emergency and elective neurosurgical cases, working closely with the paediatric neurosurgical teams. The emergency caseload is variable with a different case-mix dependent on the season

Children requiring intensive care in Oxfordshire and Wessex are transported by the Southampton-Oxford Retrieval Team (SORT). This service is accessed using a single number by the district general hospitals and co-ordinated in Southampton. Between the hours of 8am-8pm on weekdays Oxford PICU provide a team composed of a retrieval doctor, nurse and an ambulance driver.

The five hospitals we cover in Oxfordshire are:

1. The Horton Hospital, Banbury

2. Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury

3. Milton Keynes General Hospital, Milton Keynes

4. Wexham Park Hospital, Slough

5. The Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading

The P-ICU offers a superb opportunity for experience in paediatric critical care and within the Oxford training programme we have integrated a dedicated three month block between stages two and three to experience this area of critical care under the supervision of one of the most dedicated group of consultants in the field.

During training in P-ICU trainees have a specifically allocated clinical supervisor that oversees development during the block and there are new opportunities to expand your experience with a developing clinical fellowship programme involving retrieval.

College tutor and rota enquires:

Fellowships are available for CT3 and above.