Welcome to Paediatric Critical Care Medicine, Oxford. We are delighted to have trainees from Adult Critical Care Specialities rotate through our unit. This module is designed to tell you a bit more about us before you start, describe out patient population and work load.

We have also included a number of resources to help orientate you to the unit and work before you start.

PCC Consultants:

Dr Sara-Louise Hulme: PCC Governance Lead, Lead for Children’s Governance

Dr Janet McCluskey: Teaching and Induction Lead

Dr Deidre O’Shea: Retrieval and Transport Lead

Dr Avishay Sarfatti: Research Lead

Dr Alison Shefler: Paediatric Training Lead, Designated Doctor for Child Death OUH

Dr Helen Turnham: AICM Training Link, PCC Ethics Lead



Telephone: 01865 226232

Dr James Weitz: Clinical Lead, Clinical Data Lead OUH, ED Link, NICU Link

Dr Tim Whittington - Anaesthetic Link

PCC Matron:

Alex Elson

PICM Module Information

  1. PIC Demographics

  2. Pre-Module Information

  3. Induction

  4. Kit and Equipment on PICU

  5. PIC Apps and Life Hacks

  6. Rota

  7. Competencies, Assessment and Appraisal

  8. Feedback