Trainee Teaching

Teaching takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, usually in the Kadorie Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

We have a great programme consisting of expert presentations, trainee input, journal club followed by an afternoon of either SIM, practical skills sessions or viva/OSCE practice. Our teaching programme consistently receives positive feedback from trainees in the region. 

Stage 1/2 teaching is aimed at helping all trainees prepare for the FFICM final examination and stage 3 teaching is aimed at preparing trainees for taking on the role as consultants.

Within the teaching programme we have access to high fidelity simulation, line insertion models, ORSIM bronchoscopy simulator and many other resources.


ORSIM bronchoscopy simulator


Belmont Rapid Infuser

Demonstration and problem solving


EZ-IO Practice

Simulation Teaching

There is also the opportunity, throughout training in all the ICU’s in the region, to take part in simulation teaching. This is not just sessions based in the high-fidelity centres at most of the hospitals but also during the in situ simulations which occur during the working day. At present, Reading, Adult ICU in Oxford and Paediatric ICU all offer in situ simulation training as part of trainees rotations to those units. For more information visit our simulation pages.

Reading in situ sim

Reading in situ sim