Supporting Trainees Returning to Training

Returning to work after time out can be difficult and stressful. Any trainee who has had at least 3 months out of training for ANY reason (parental leave, research, ill health, family etc) is entitled to a supported return to training. There is a lot of work going on within Health Education England regarding this at the moment and things should get better for trainees returning to clinical practice.

The Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) initiative aims to support trainees with their confidence, skills and knowledge so that they can safely and confidently return to practice within their training programme.

Prior to Return to Training

If you have had 3 months out of clinical practice for ANY reason, you should complete the following process prior to your return to work:

  • Meet with your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director about 6-8 weeks before you return to work.

  • Discuss any additional needs (there is funding for a supernummery period if needed), courses to attend (SuppoRTT simulation sessions) and any additional needs.

  • Complete a ‘Return to Training Pre-Return form' with your ES, access form here.

  • Return the forms to your TPD and to HEE Thames Valley, email address on the website above.

  • Your forms will be sent to your Head of School and your employing Trust so that your return can be planned effectively. This, sadly, does not mean HR/Med staffing will act on them, approach them separately with your return to work date.

  • Once back at work a few weeks, meet with your ES and ensure you have the right amount of support.

Any problems with your return to work contact your SuppoRTT rep:

Hannah Potter

Courses available for ICM trainees

ICM Return Practice Simulation Course, Royal Berks Hospital, March 2019 (Date TBC)

A great re-introduction to managing sick patients in a safe, supportive and understanding environment. Talks on research missed recently, re-familiarisation with clinical skills and meeting other trainees in a similar situation.

Anaesthetic Return to Practice Simulation Course, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, JANUARY 29th 2019

As above but directed more at anaesthetic skills, open to ICM and ED trainees also. FREE childcare places available. For more information.