The New Study Leave Policy

There have been recent changes to the study leave application process and allocation of funds. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that doctors in training have access to a standardised system across the Deanery in which applications for study leave are considered on a fair, equitable and consistent basis.

The new policy is effective from 6 April 2018.

Trainees no longer have a fixed allocation of money. Each speciality school has produced a list of essential and desirable courses for trainees. Applications will be considered if the course is listed on the speciality list. Further applications can be made for ‘aspirational’ courses, i.e those that are not on the list but the trainee (and educational supervisor or TPD, as they will be signing the form) feels will improve their training.

HEE have updated their guidance (September 2019), in particular relating to study budget for course and conferences abroad. It is as follows:

"HEE through Local Offices will meet EITHER the registration cost OR the cost of travel and accommodation, whichever cost is LOWER."

Further information can be found in this document.

The list for ICM approved courses is here.

If you have an application declined please forward this to the ICM trainee reps or TPD.

If you would like a course/conference to be considered for approval please email Liza or your trainee rep.